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Bruinbot is a screen name I registered for AIM. It is running a perl script connecting a perl-implementation of the Eliza bot with a Net:AIM package letting me script into the AIM TOC protocol.

Hmm.. that was pretty intense, eh? Well, someday I'll get to writing a better description.

This script is a work in progress, but I will eventually post some/most/all of it here for learning purposes, etc etc. If you want it before then email me and I'd be glad to send you a copy :)


I have a sourceforge page!! check it out: :)
preliminary parser support added. Now I have to learn regexps to interface it :) and the code is a mess! I need to clean it up more (inserting comments didn't solve everything)
eh heh heh.. hi there... Well, I'm out for summer now, and hopefully i can donate much more time to bruinbot. I have a ton of great ideas that will need all summer to implement, and need a lot more knowledge of Perl to do. I have basically started to OOP all of it, so that is a very big step, but will allow for a lot more expandibility, and maybe even hot-swapping modules! schweet! and maybe, one day, a Tk interface! :-D
[6/30/01] Well, I've got more database integration setup... i made a few more tables, and have a rough idea as how to datamine :) I got more references and advanced hashes to work, so i am very happy about that. I'm writing as I watch Linux update to redhat 7.1, and then i will be securing it, to prevent from more hacking >:o.
[7/6/01] Wow, a lot has changed... I am sitting in Starbucks for this update, and I inserted a parser, but have yet to test it, as I prefer Perl on a *NIX machine, rather than win32, plus, connecting to the AOL server would be easier than a bunch of testbeds, eh?

The parser works by reading a config file, that holds a regexp and an associated package. When the regexp evaluates to true, the package's convo_handler sub is called, and the returned hash is dealt with in Bruinbot::AIM::on_im.

[8/5/01] Eh heh heh... man I am good with these updates. Well, i have been busy with a seperate project... a MySQL database plus some perl CGI scripts to access the data. I am still waiting on a nice parser from another developer on the project, but he is just as busy, so there hasn't been much development recently. I have checked into some other bots, namely shear and ichatbot.. and have some fresh ideas. Also, my linux box is doing well, and with a new BIOS revision on my laptop, things are going well. :)

Some of BruinBot's features:

Things to be Added:

Do YOU have any cool ideas for bruinbot? send me some mail, and I'll see what I can do! email me

Ok, it's getting to the point where this data-bot is becoming useless.

Data-bots are getting perhaps i just want to make this a party bot? to tell jokes, etc? i don't know.. perhaps a linux tool, where a user with an acct on the box can check local mail, etc?

Last Modified: Sunday, August 05, 2001